Indiana '12
Registration closed

Course map
Blue:5K, Red:15k

Saturday September 15, 2012

6001 E. 500 South
Greenfield, Indiana 46140


1. Sergeant's Sprint
      Sprint as fast as you

10. Fast Twitch Tires
         Test your fast twitch
         muscles running
         through tires

19. Prison Break
        Don't drop the soap while going
        over and under the walls

2. Cross the Ditch Bitch
       Make it across in one

11. Clamber the Cargo
         Net climbing

20. Boot Camp Crawl
         On your knees & elbows
          in the mud

3. Gamble with Gravity
      Climb a 180 degree wall
      using a rope

12. Hay Dude Jr!
       Warm up for Hay Dude

21. Flaming Fury
       Leap over fire

4. SUPER Slimy

       Wild Slide into
       the BlueRiver

13. Hay Dude!
       Run, Crawl, or Climb over
       huge hay bale pyramid

22. Fire Drill
   Stop, Drop, and Roll

5. Sludgy Swamp
      Sometimes Swampy,  
      other times… not so

14. Creepy Creek

23. The Great Wall of Rebel Race
         Conquer the 8th Wonder of the

6. Unleashed Endurance
      Going over & under logs
      in the water

15. Mystery

24. Military Mud Pit
      Crawl through the mud pit
      under barbed wire

7. Blue River Madness
      Mud-sloshing &

16. Ninja Turtle Sewer
       Scramble through
       the tunnels
       like Donatello

Shuttle Run
                        Run Sideways - keep
                        your butt down

8. River Rat
      Scurry your tail outta
      the water

17. Escape the Traffic Jam
        Hurdle your way over the
        highway barriers

Welcome to the

                      Find your way through
                      the woods

9. Rebellious Roping
      Rope climb over water to
      other side without
      falling in

18. Drop and Give me 10
        10 leg lifts, 10 sit-ups,
        10 push-ups

Rebels Run

                       Run Backwards


Rebel Race is offering a 3.1 mile race and a 9.3 mile race in Indiana. (The 9.3 mile race is a brutal extension of the 3.1 mile race)    

9:30am (5k)                 11:00am (5k)               12:30pm (5k)                2:00pm (5k)
10:00am (5k)               11:30am (5k)               1:00pm (5k)                  2:30pm (15k)
10:30am (5k)               12:00pm (5k)               1:30pm (5k)               

*500 Rebels per wave

Pick up your bib and free stuff 1 hour before your wave time at the Rebel Sack Pack Pick Up. Bring your photo ID. Please show up to the start line 15 minutes before their wave takes off. You must sign in at starting line with your bib # attached to an article of clothing on the front of your body. You cannot race without your bib.


Friday 6:30pm to Sunday 12pm.

Saturday night after dark



  1. Rebel Sports Sack Pack
  2. Rebel t-shirt
  3. 1 free beer (for runners age 21 and older)
  4. Chip Timer
  5. Finisher medal
  6. Live entertainment
  7. Weekend-long party (bbq and more beer will be for sale)
  8. Tons of new friends covered in mud that are just as crazy as you are!
  9. Rebel Trophy & Prize if you win an award
  10. Fireworks

Rebel Steal: $45 until December 31, 2011
Rebel Discount: $50 from January 1, 2012 to June 20, 2012
Early:     $55 from June 21, 2012 to August 1, 2012
Late: $65 from August 2, 2012 to August 29, 2012
Procrastinator: $75 from August 30, 2012 to Sept 12, 2012


Rebel Steal: $65 until December 31, 2011
Rebel Discount: $70 from January 1, 2012 until June 20, 2012
Early: $75 from June 21, 2012 to August 1, 2012
Late: $85 from August 2, 2012 to August 29, 2012
Procrastinator: $95 from August 30, 2012 to Sept 12, 2012

No registration will be accepted after 11:59pm on September 12, 2012 (pacific std time)

Wanna camp out overnight? Pitch a tent!                                    
Make Rebel Race a weekend get-away! 
A campsite fits 6 rebels! (You and 5 other friends)
Camping is on Friday and Saturday nights only
Please arrive on Friday between 6:30pm – 9pm and pack up on Sunday by 12pm. 

Rebel Steal: $80 until December 31, 2011 (which equals $6.66 per person per night)
Rebel Discount: $85 from January 1, 2012 until June 20, 2012
Early:  $90 from June 21, 2012 to August 1, 2012
$100 from August 2, 2012 to August 29, 2012
Procrastinator: $110 from August 30, 2012 to September 12, 2012

Nope they won’t need to register to camp.  You can collect money from them to stay at your campsite. When you arrive, please go to the camping check in and have your registration number and photo id ready so the Rebel Race staff can check you in and direct you where to go.  Please remember each campsite is allowed to have only 6 campers so if your friends are arriving at different times, please give them your registration number so they can also check in and get to your campsite.  However, if your friends are running in the race then they will need to register to run.

Nope.  Spectators can also register to camp out.

Approximately 20’ x 20’

Friday and Saturday night.  Sorry no camping any other night. 

Friday night between 6:30pm-9pm
Saturday between 7am-9pm

There will be a staff member at the camping check in to check you in and direct you to your reserved campsite. 

Arrive at camping check-in at the same time and let the staff know.  If you arrive at different times, it might be difficult for you guys to be next to each other. 

When the sun goes down, we turn up the heat with a camp fire.  Please do not start your own campfire because of a risk this location has of a wildfire.  You will be asked to leave if you start a camp fire.

Click hereto download the 2012 Tri-State Rebel Race flyer and give it to every rebel you know or post it in your office, gym, local charity, bathroom...wherever.

Got some awesome photos? Post ‘em on the Rebel Race Facebook page!

TriathletePhotos is bringing in a professional team of photographers to capture you at the height of your intensity, lunacy and just plain craziness out on the course this year. Their highly skilled team will catch you at your finest moments. And of course they will be available to you a few days after the race to purchase. Their prices are quite reasonable compared to others we've seen and the quality is AWESOME! Nothing better than a great shot for bragging rights and to keep for posterity. ("Was that really you in all that mud Grandpa?") Check them out!

Wanna know how fast you ran even with the mud slowing you down? Click Here.


Gear specials
  • Window Decal
  • Eye Black
  • Rebel Boot Mug
  • Beach Towel