Maryland/DC '11
Registration closed

Course map
Blue:5K, Red:15k

Saturday June 18, 2011
Sunday June 19, 2011   

7612 Willow Road
Frederick, Maryland 21702

Early: $65 until April 15, 2011
Late $70 from April 16, 2011 to June 3, 2011
Procrastinator: $85 from June 4, 2011 to June 15, 2011


Early: $80 until April 15, 2011
Late: $85 from April 15, 2011 to June 3, 2011
Procrastinator: $100 from June 4, 2011 to June 15, 2011

No registration will be accepted after 11:59pm on June 15, 2011 (pacific std time)

Rebel Race is offering a 3.1 mile race and a 9.3 mile race in Maryland.  (The 9.3 mile race is a brutal extension of the 3.1 mile race)

9:00am (5k)                 11:00am (5k)               1:00pm (5k)                 3:00pm (15k)
9:30am (5k)                 11:30am (5k)               2:00pm (5k)                 4:00pm (15k)
10:00am (5k)               12:00pm (5k)               2:30pm (5k)                
10:30am (5k)                              

*500 Rebels per wave

Pick up your bib and free stuff 1 hour before your wave time at the Rebel Sack Pack Pick Up. Bring your photo ID. Please show up to the start line 15 minutes before their wave takes off. You must sign in at starting line with your bib # attached to an article of clothing on the front of your body. You cannot race without your bib.


Friday 6pm to Sunday 9pm.                                                                                                                                                                                             


Saturday night after dark


  1. Rebel Sports Sack Pack
  2. Rebel t-shirt
  3. 1 free beer (for runners age 21 and older)
  4. Finisher medal
  5. Live entertainment
  6. Weekend-long party (mechanical bull ride, bbq and more beer will be for sale)
  7. Tons of new friends covered in mud that are just as crazy as you are!
  8. Rebel Trophy & Prize if you win an award
  9. Fireworks

Wanna camp out overnight? Pitch a tent!                                         
Make Rebel Race a weekend get-away! 
A campsite fits 6 rebels! (You and 5 other friends)
Camping is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights only
Please arrive on Friday between 6pm – 9pm and pack up at 12pm Monday. 
Note: There is no alcohol allowed in the camping area.

Early:  $90 until April 15, 2011 (which equals $5 per person per night)
Late:      $120 from April 16, 2011 to June 3, 2011
Procrastinator: $150 from June 4, 2011 to June 15, 2011

Nope they won’t need to register to camp.  You can collect money from them to stay at your campsite. When you arrive, please go to the camping check in and have your registration number and photo id ready so the Rebel Race staff can check you in and direct you where to go.  Please remember each campsite is allowed to have only 6 campers so if your friends are arriving at different times, please give them your registration number so they can also check in and get to your campsite.  However, if your friends are running in the race then they will need to register to run.

Nope.  Spectators can also register to camp out.

Approximately 20’ x 20’

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.  Sorry no camping any other night. 

Friday night between 5:30pm-9pm
Saturday between 7am-9pm
Sunday between 7am-9pm

There will be a staff member at the camping check in to check you in and direct you to your reserved campsite. 

Arrive at camping check-in at the same time and let the staff know.  If you arrive at different times, it might be difficult for you guys to be next to each other.   

When the sun goes down, we turn up the heat with a camp fire.

Got some awesome photos? Post ‘em on the Rebel Race Facebook page!


Gear specials
  • Window Decal
  • Rebel Boot Mug
  • Beach Towel
  • Eye Black